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We love working with you directly.

We love working directly with a homeowner. Seriously, you as the homeowner know your home better than anyone. Whether you plan to flip a house for investment purposes and just need random repairs, or if you're looking to protect your "Forever Home" for years to come, we'll look forward to working directly with you.


The Roof.

Repairs. Replacement. Protection. 

Roof Replacement:

Is your roof discolored? Are you seeing granules in your gutters and downspouts? Are you having a hard time getting insurance due to the age of your roof? Or looking to add value to your home? It might be time for a new roof. At Power Roofing & Solar we use high quality products backed by 30yr, 50yr, and Life Time Warranties giving you the peace of mind you demand, building a roofing system you can count on for years to come. Power Roofing & Solar is a CertainTeed Master Applicator as well as a Tamko Master Applicator. We fully remove your old roof down to the plywood replacing any rotted or damaged plywood laying the foundation for for a roofing system that is Florida Code Compliant and rated to withstand 155mph wind rating. With your new roof you may qualify for a potential annual premium deduction in your insurance policy.


Roof Repairs:

 At Power Roofing & Solar we provide high quality by the book roof repairs and maintenance. We service all roof components from shingles, valleys, flashing and ventilation to gutters and fascia.


Storm Damage:

We provide storm damage restoration, where you can put your trust and faith in Power Roofing & Solar to bring your home back to new after the storm hits. We'll be there every step of the way, guiding you through the challenging insurance claim process. With prior adjusters on our team, we are your advocate to hold your insurance company accountable and to insure they are accurately accounting for all the damages caused to your home from the storm.


Emergency Tarp Services:

After the storm hits it can take time to get your roof repaired or replaced due to an instant increase in demand for roofing services, but roof leaks wait for no one. Give us a call and we will respond immediately to get your home protected while we work diligently to complete any necessary repairs or replacement to your roof.    


The Future is here, and it's Solar Technology.

Solar technology and the demand to install it's hardware capabilities has grown over 63% in the past 7 years. Power Roofing and Solar has been in the business of offering the most well respected, cost efficient, and affordable solar technology for nearly 15 years now. Our partnerships with Apricot Solar and Freedom Forever Installation are literally the GOLD Standard in the industry. Our partners and our crews are the Best of the Best. 

Working with you, the Homeowner.

Once you touch base with us and set-up an appointment with a Power Account Manager, we'll discuss in detail all the benefits, the installation process, the expected return on your investment in the first 5, 10, and 15 years you'll save on public-owned electricity, and offer an estimate on how much your property's value will increase by investing in Solar Technology. 

How does this whole "Solar Energy" idea really work anyway?

A solar system gathers UV rays from the sun and then converts those rays into usable energy. What’s great about this is that scientists predict the sun isn’t going to run out of fuel for about another 4 billion years. The energy that your solar system gathers is essentially unlimited—and gets renewed every single day.

How do the Panels on my house really work?

The panels themselves (also called photovoltaic, or PV for short) are made up of many solar cells. Solar cells are made of silicon, like semiconductors. They have a positive layer and a negative layer, and together create an electric field—exactly like a battery.

In the years of their existence, solar panels have become only more efficient, dynamic, and attractive. It’s no wonder solar has become the world’s fastest-growing source of power. 

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